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Corinne V. Davies appointed Reading Patron

Well I am beyond delighted to tell you that my very good friend, Corinne V. Davies, has just been appointed Reading Patron to Sighthill Primary School and will attend the launch of their new reading hub next Friday 4th November. I know she is hugely looking forward to running lots of exciting new workshops over the next year with all the pupils. Super amazing stuff. Rx

Happy Roald Dahl Day!!

A glass of Frobscottle to and all! Rx

Brilliant Dahl Choc Samplers

Thanks so much to all you excellent Dahl fans who helped launched the Summer Reading Challenge with me yesterday. We were chocolate and sweet samplers, we graded your twit-like pranks, we made up Dahl descritptions, we of course sampled the BFG's most excellent Frobscottle!! .....I'm still exhausted. Oh, and of course, we then used the truth helmet on a few mum's to finish! Great fun.

Corinne V Davies performing as part of The Big Read - Summer Reading Challenge 2016

Watch this space.....Corinne will be performing at Corstorphine Library on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th July as part of this year's Summer Reading Challenge. There will be costumes, acting...and she will help you find those characters that are currently hiding in your head...under your brain!

Top Super story recommendation for grandparents!

Well what a lovely article. 'Ralph is (not) a Spy' is recommended as the top super story for grandparents to read with their grandchildren. I am terribly flattered and made it worth meeting the awful Jean-Claude after all! Ralph x

Wonderful visit to Granton Primary

Fabulous to meet all the kids and teachers at Granton Primary today! Some incredible Bob dancing and truth helmet revelations ...particularly those teachers with the false beards! Very convincing. Rx

Bookweek 2016 underway!

Well what a fine bunch you were at the combined junior school (ESMC) last week. Trucilla is apparently still in recovery after that last groom did a runner, it was a bit of a close call that one! Still, there are many more potential husbands at Granton, Victoria, Fox Covert and Sighthill to name but a few over the coming weeks. Fingers crossed Trucilla!! (yeah.......right!) R x

Back for Bookweek!!!!

Well hello Ralph fans!!
Sorry I've been so quiet but the world under sixteen chess championships aren't as easy to win these days and I have had to study hard! There's a lot of talent out the new girl on the block Gretal Strudel.....only seven but has been playing for seven years nine months as her mum read her 'Advanced tactics for under One's' in the womb. My mum didn't think of that. Too busy watching soap have you been?

Ralph de Vamp rises once more!

Well after his gap year of countless television appearances (now he even has his own programme on Spook TV Channel) we are more than honoured to report the return of Ralph de Vamp, who will be joining Corinne at The Mary Erskine School on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th Feb. Let's hope that the teachers remember a pupil headcount before he arrives . . . 
P.S. Trucilla is coming too . . . oh dear.

Brushing off my truth helmet.......

Ah yes,
It's that time of year again. Jaws the Gerbil and I will be visiting a few of you for your school book weeks very soon and we'll be bringing the truth helmet with us! BE AFRAID ALL OF YOU WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE! (To be honest, that's usually just the teachers!) Rx


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