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Ralph's Blog

This is apparently my very own website, which my sister is bound to be very unhappy about. I'm told that people have very much enjoyed reading about my life, which is very kind, although still a bit unexpected.

I'm getting an awful lot of attention at the moment, which I'm happy to tolerate as long as my chess game doesn't start to suffer as a result . . . this will mean things have gone too far! I hear lots of you out there can relate to me and my misadventures . . . which is very reassuring!

Recent Blog Entries:

Interesting ‘Truth’ workshop

Well Corinne was just telling me what an interesting time she had with a great bunch today drawing and creating ‘truth’ as their main character. Naturally I was held up as a prime example of a truth partaker. Trucilla...less so! Rx

Finally out of my Igloo!

Well that has to go down as the snowiest bookweek ever! I think I have now nearly sledged my way back to all the school we were meant to visit! It is all a blur, but fantastic to finally meet you all. Watch out for 'Ralph is (not) an Olympic skiier' coming soon. Rx

Vampire Pop Concert and Feast!

Well thank you so much to all the primary three and four students at Sighthill Primary School for their songs and Vampire feast today! They took time out from reading about Ralph de Vamp to perform three rocking numbers and provided their parents with blood soup, blood sandwiches and blood juice!! The skies of Edinburgh will be full of Vampires tonight...that's just the mums and dads!

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