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Ralph de Vamp rises once more!

Well after his gap year of countless television appearances (now he even has his own programme on Spook TV Channel) we are more than honoured to report the return of Ralph de Vamp, who will be joining Corinne at The Mary Erskine School on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th Feb. Let's hope that the teachers remember a pupil headcount before he arrives . . . 
P.S. Trucilla is coming too . . . oh dear.

Brushing off my truth helmet.......

Ah yes,
It's that time of year again. Jaws the Gerbil and I will be visiting a few of you for your school book weeks very soon and we'll be bringing the truth helmet with us! BE AFRAID ALL OF YOU WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE! (To be honest, that's usually just the teachers!) Rx

Spooky Tuesday!

Very much looking forward to meeting you all at Corstorphine library tomorrow...there will be Vampire pop music and we shall attempt to summon the spirit of Ralph De Vamp! Nah ha ha ha....Rx

Summer Reading Spooky Challenge!

Tickets have now been released for my Vampire Event at Corstorphine library - Tuesday August 6th at 2.30 pm! We will be discussing vampire beauty regimes, garlic and Corinne will need lots of help with the acting and illustrating, so come along if you dare......

Ralph Vampire Library Event!

I know some of you feel I have been side-lined recently by the awful antics of my nemesis 'Trucilla Applegate' but FEAR NOT! I am back with some exciting news.
As part of their 'Summer Reading Challenge' with a spooky theme this year, author Corinne V. Davies has been asked to hold a library event to tell you all about my brush with Vampires and a little about my other stories too on Tuesday August 6th, time to be confirmed, at Corstorphine Library, Kirk Loan, Edinburgh.


That Trucilla!! I'm now forced to question who is the biggest meanie, my sister or her? So I didn't steal the limelight at the time of her book launch she had me locked in my bedroom for two months. They told my parents and teachers I was on a school exchange with another international chess champion - so they didn't get suspicious. Still, the peace and quiet was rather nice and it brought my chess tactics on beautifully!

So, I'm back. What have I missed?


My bag is packed....

...and I'm off tomorrow for the final of 'The People's Book Prize' award ceremony. I've booked a seat in the quiet carriage, so there shouldn't be any members of the football team in there. Wish me luck chess appreciation societies everywhere...Rx

It's nearly time.....

The final of the People's Book Prize is looming on the 30th May.....have ironed my favourite black and white tie and polished my glasses. I wonder what Corinne and El will be wearing...I do hope they scrub up nicely! Rx

Daily Record Ranks Superhero in Top Ten Children's Books for THE BIG READ!!

Wondeful stuff!! The Daily Record have ranked Superhero in their TOP TEN books for 6-8 year olds as part of their 'BIG READ' push. Thanks awfully much! Rx

Please keep voting everyone!

A n

A note from the author below everyone, frankly I'm a little worried about her! Rx
Ah yes, it's time again!

Du, dah, du, du, du, dah

Du, dah, du, du, du, dah (think Cheryl Lloyd)


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