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Corinne V. Davies (Author) and El Ashfield (Illustrator)

Corinne and El first met on a comedy writing course in London . . . a few years later . . . Ralph was born!

Corrine Davies Author

Corinne Davies (Author)

Ralph is (not) a Superhero is Corinne’s first novel for children, written entirely in verse, but the author began writing poetry at the age of five, with an award-winning poem about a small white rabbit called Snowy. Recognised for her ability to tell lightly moralistic tales through the use of comic verse, her stories are accessible to the very young, but are equally enjoyed by parents everywhere.

Now a mother of three herself, Corinne also taught mums with young children baby sign language through the Tinytalk organisation for five years and is involved with educational organisations promoting the importance of poetry reading in schools. Corinne is also a playwright. Her first play, A Stag Named Angus, was showcased in both London (Hampstead Theatre) and Edinburgh (The Roxy Art House). The play enjoyed a four night sell-out run at the Roxy in 2005, directed by Corinne, and was very favourably reviewed:

 'Monarch of the Grin's a Hit!' Scotsman

'The humour is wonderfully subtle and well balanced'. Evening News

Corinne on El: ‘If El were the author there would be far more talk of aliens throughout. If I were the illustrator . . . well, let’s not even go there!’

El Asfields Illustrator

El Ashfield (Illustrator)

El Ashfield, is an illustrator , editor and writer, who shares Corinne’s love of light comedy and adventurous japes. As well as drawing, El also edits science fiction and fantasy books, and has a deep love of cunning plans, supernatural powers, time travel, doppelgangers (two versions of yourself, very spooky), swordfighting, aliens, starships, and monsters. She tweets enthusiastically about most of these things @elashfieldraws.  

“A delight of scribbles and vivid colours”

El on Corinne: 'Corinne's trying to test my drawing skills by getting Ralph into more and more japes (and I have even suggested a few dastardly deeds myself!). Luckily I am ready to add even more little details to the ridiculous situations Ralph is already in - mwahahaa!' 

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