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Meet Ralph...

 Well unlike that ghastly Trucilla Applegate, I'm delighted to tell you that I'm Ralph, I'm eight years old, I love chess and I'm an all round GOOD guy! Yes, yes...some might regard me as a little bit nerdy, but hey...those of you who have followed my adventures will know that the class nerd always comes out on top and they ALWAYS get the girl!

Fancy finding out more, why not read about my adventures in Ralph is (not) a Superhero - featuring bank robberies, smelly sheds, flying cats...and the dreaded football team!

Or maybe vampires are more your thing? Why not have a read of Ralph is (not) a Vampire - featuring an unfortunate cranberry juice spillage, a rather unusual werewolf, my encounter with Ralph de Vamp...and hundreds of tins of spam?!

Perhaps you like spy gadgets? Why not try Ralph is (not) a Spy - featuring truth helmets, sound bugs, a dastardly fairground ride, kidnap plots...and some intoxicating hairspray.


To be honest, when I read that list, it's no wonder I'm feeling a little exhausted!




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