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 Well how lovely to meet you all. Shall we share a dance? One, two, three... and turn... and face...and arms......lovely! What a talented bunch you all are.

Yes, Bob Applegate here. Youngest sibling of Clan Applegate. My childhood with Trucilla? It was interesting yes. I've blocked a lot of it out to be honest. However, I do think that my love of dance, comes partly from mum's genes and partly from using music and movement as an outlet during Trucilla's 'moments'. Well, I say moments...I'm sure there were good times in between....Yeeees...An example?...Oh yes, hang on....Well, one year on my birthday, she came skipping in with a present for me. Well, mum, dad and my sisters were speechless (she usually refused to hand over presents you see) and ...well, anyway she sat next to me as I opened it, with a protective arm around me then.....Ah, no....now I come to think of it, she had wrapped up a dead spider in a used tissue. Not a good example after all, that. Apologies.

Favourite food: Pie and chips

Favourite hobbie: Choreographing better dances than those I see on the television. Hopeless!

Favourite colours: Peacock blue and Maroon.

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