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The Vicar

 Well hello to you all from the Vicar (...duh daah, duh duh duh, daah!) Sorry just a little private beat-boxing humour there for 'my crew'.

I had no idea what life was going to throw at me when the Applegates first entered my life. The good Lord moves in mysterious ways after all. Clearly, a lot of my preaching involves forgiveness and in some ways...to put a positive spin on things...having Trucilla in the village means that we all need to practise FORGIVING quite a lot. Last Tuesday I think I had to forgive her 84 times before the somewhat abrupt end of the village fundraising coffee morning. I was somewhat exhausted!

Clearly, in my profession we are always taught (and encourage others) to find the goodness in everyone. Admittedly occasionally it takes a little longer with some...who shall remain nameless. In the end I found it in Trucilla though... It turns out, by being so MEAN to her siblings she has made them into particualry NICE and KIND human beings. So that was good of her. Slightly tenuous I know.

Favourite foods: Biscuits and scones. Verity Mead's tea loaf should get a shout out too!

Favourite hobbies: Preaching, visiting folk and now beat-boxing.

Favourite colours: Black....and white, though I insist on having rainbow-coloured pants!

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