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Trucilla the Great

 Trucilla here...one doesn't like to boast but I do generally consider myself the most gorgeous and wonderful human being ever to have existed. Why lie about these things? Sometimes I think we can all be too modest.

Ever since my birth I have always known I was destined for stardom. My pesky siblings...Adriana, Calista and Bob tried to get in the way and steal my limelight, but I quickly shot them down. One should always love one's family but I think it's best to establish who is boss. I was born first for a reason - I clearly had all the leadership potential. They are all very nice blah blah blah, indeed...perhaps I should feel sorry for them. Imagine having to grow up with such a stunning and multi-talented big sister.

Apparently I have a reputation as a bit of flirt with the gentlemen. I have always felt it my duty to marry well - I am so good at so many things in life, but working hard is not one of them. I do wish to have children though. It would be unfair and cruel of me to deprive the world of mini-Trucillas. The very thought!

Favourite food: CAKE!

Favourite hobbie: CAKE!

Favourite colours: Pink and baby blue.  Pink cakes are the best!

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