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Ah yes, after a fleeting visit to Corstorphine Primary School just before Christmas (what a lively bunch they were and quite rude about my hair!) I am looking forward to meeting some more of you over the coming weeks, particularly those of you who are rich and are looking for a wife....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 

HUGE congratulations to the FIFTEEN lucky winners of our 'Goodreads 'competition, who will all receive a signed copy of 'Trucilla's Wedding Cake'. You will, no doubt, join my army of fans once you've discovered what a wonderful and frankly gorgeous human being I am through reading all about me. It's a curse being this utterly brillliant! Trucilla the Exhausted xx

Well after a most successful launch in Scottish Book Week, just before Christmas, we've just received a very kind review from the lovely folk at 'Ourbookreviewsonline'...


What a nice bunch they are!

If you've yet to 'have the pleasure' of meeting Trucilla...please check out all major bookshops or simply click the Amazon link opposite, but in the meantime...think PINK...think BIG...and most importantly think CAKE!!

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